You Really Don’t Want Commercial Jobs!

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For most Restoration or Roofing contractors landing a big commercial job can cause sleepless nights and anxiety filled days, worrying about how you are going to pull it off. If this is you, STAY AWAY, turn them down, give them to the “big boys” that can handle them comfortably. Lying awake all night and pacing the office during the day while drinking Pepto is the wrong strategy.


I talk with contractors every week that get a call for a large commercial project. They are usually terrified that it will consume them, or worse yet, put them into bankruptcy. It puzzles me – not how they got the project – but that they have made no advance plans to line up resources and support for these kinds of jobs. Even the smallest contractor inevitably lands a big job, and how you choose to “handle it” can either put you on top or bury you.


Most smaller contractors don’t own trailer-mounted desiccants or 50kW generators to tackle a large commercial drying project. I routinely talk with owners that only own a dozen dehu’s and 30 or 40 air movers. Sorry, but that won’t cut it. Many times I’ve been on commercial jobs, or been called to help, and find out the contractor doesn’t even have enough money in his checking account to pay the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars it will take just to pay for the propane and diesel fuel required to run the big equipment.


When I get calls like these I’ve described above, the first thing I do is direct them to trusted vendors that can bring in the right equipment, help scope the project, set-up and run the job, and help with invoicing and payment.

A call came to me a few weeks ago and the contractor was so timid and panicked that they just wanted to decline the job and turn it over to one of their large competitors (I’m not going to mention names – but you’ve all heard of them).


People and companies like Scott Tarpley, (DEI and TDT) should be your go-to for these kinds of projects. DEI will walk you through all the steps, help you with initial scope, and mobilize all the right equipment to the job. They will represent you. They will NEVER steal your job and will only work with you. This is clearly an endorsement for Scott and his teams and not given lightly. I’ve worked with Scott indirectly referring clients to him for many years, he’s never let us or our clients down!


When you work with a high caliber company like DEI and TDT, the end result is you don’t have to give the job to your competitor and you don’t drown trying to do the job with your own limited resources. The CREST Network has seen DEI assist our clients with jobs of $100k – up to millions of dollars, all the while working with you, helping you to look like the hero for the client.

Our CREST clients have enjoyed earning thousands of dollars (many times hundreds of thousands of $$$) in PROFIT because they reached out to CREST and we got them connected to DEI & TDT.

Simply put, instead of thinking, “you really don’t want commercial jobs” choose to call CREST. It could be one of the most profitable reputation-building projects your company has ever done!

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