The CREST Network is honored to offer the PREP™ Program exclusively to our Prime Plus and Elite Members.

The original PREP™ program was created nearly 20 years ago. From its modest beginnings, it has expanded and matured into the premier nationally recognized commercial pre-disaster preparedness program; provided to every type of commercial property by select independent Restoration Contractors throughout the US.

We have spent thousands of hours over the past 10+ years continually revising and updating the program, so it always meets the needs of the commercial client. We have learned exactly what your commercial clients need and want, so it is always in great demand by commercial end-user (your client).

Over the past decade, hundreds of select PREP™ Contractors have placed the PREP™ program in thousands of commercial facilities. It is a “living manual,” constantly transforming to accommodate the ever-changing facilities management world.  With more than 5.5 million commercial buildings in the US, PREP opportunities are virtually unlimited even by the year 2020 and the coming decade.

The benefit for the commercial facility is obvious – it provides the end user with a ready-made simple pre-disaster plan to assist them in preparedness and business continuity. Even with so many “disaster plans” offered in the U.S, the US Federal Government estimates there are less than 5% of commercial properties having a plan in place.

CREST has developed two levels of the PREP program. The basic (or standard) program is called PREP Prime Plus (available as part of your CREST Prime Plus membership). It is designed to be an easy-to-implement program with minimal cost, as an “entry-level” pre-disaster program. It is designed for the contractor that wants to use their existing marketer (suggested one day per week) to begin developing a portfolio of commercial clients without the significant expense of a full-blown commercial pre-disaster program. This level of membership also includes a monthly consultation with Dick Wagner (PREP™ specialist).

The top-level pre-disaster program is PREP Elite (available only to CREST Elite members). This commercial pre-disaster program is designed and intended for the contractor that wants to develop a full Commercial Division and aggressively market to and offer a PREP Elite disaster plan. CREST members at this level typically employ a full-time Commercial PREP salesperson and build a complete Commercial Portfolio of clients with several hundred upward of a thousand properties. (Some PREP Elite contractors have over 35 million square feet under PREP contract)! The PREP Elite program includes weekly personal one-on-one coaching with Dick Wagner (creator of the PREP™ program).

For the PREP™ Contractor, it enables them to build a commercial portfolio of clients that will call on that contractor to quickly come to their aid when disaster strikes.

Since the PREP™ program is extremely proprietary and unique, it has always been exclusively available to select independent Restoration Contractors in protected territories throughout the US.  We follow a strict territory protocol to protect each CREST PREP member.

If you are interested in being a PREP™ contractor, and to see if you are eligible to become a CREST Prime, Prime Plus, or Elite member, please contact:

Dick Wagner – 419-202-6745  or  Bill Giannone – 908-553-6295.

To learn more about CREST PREP™ Prime Plus or PREP™ Elite membership, click here.