Our Mission is to educate and inform you about the Commercial Restoration industry in a way that instills confidence and ability into your firm.


All CREST Members will receive the best, most detailed education into every aspect of the Commercial Restoration field. From getting the work, to doing the work, to getting paid for the work, CREST will guide you every step of the way. Aside from our 12 volume Commercial Restoration Program, every Member will also have access to a library of paperwork, videos and tools to help you succeed. Finally, weekly webinars will keep our Members up to date on all of the latest trends and findings.


Congratulations – you just landed a nice Commercial project. Now what? Are you confident that you have all the knowledge, equipment and expertise to handle the job? With CREST, the answer is always YES! As a Member, one simple call can get you any and all support you will need, from some simple tips on how to proceed, all the way to full project management. All the while, this remains YOUR JOB – we stand with you the entire time.


Ready to take your company to the next level in the Commercial Restoration world? CREST will take you there. Dick Wagner and Bill Giannone will be your PRIVATE COACHES, designing, implementing and overseeing your entire Commercial effort. They have done this for dozens of restorers – let them help you get to the top!