TPA’s: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

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This question is asked almost daily on one of the many social media groups and the answer is a difficult one!

Most of us put lawyers in a negative category, until we need one and get a good one. The same goes for a dentist. Normally, nobody likes going to a dentist, but when we need a tooth pulled, we are reluctantly thankful they are able to do it.

If you are one of those restoration companies that just simply feels you can’t or won’t put a skilled marketer on staff, and then properly train them, you may be a candidate for joining a TPA group. Just about the ONLY thing a TPA does good for you is send you job opportunities – at their pace – when they think you deserve it.

For those that choose to accept TPA jobs, follow their rules, mitigate the job according to their requirements, you could be the perfect victim. And I didn’t even mention you must accept the price they offer for your invoice whether you agree or not, AND you better not complain, or they’ll drop you like a hot potato.

The big challenge is that you must accept the reduced amount they pay you for the work!  So, expect your profits to be considerably less, all the while you are jumping through their extremely high hoops.

Some of my clients started out working with a couple TPA’s only to be so disgusted they quit them cold turkey after a few jobs. I have said many times that TPA groups tend to suck you into to their “habit.”  Much like a drug dealer that sells you cocaine. Once you start buying, you can’t stop.  One of my contractor friends got so hooked on the TPA “drugs” that he belonged to every one of those in his market. It became so complicated trying to keep track of the different rules and prices that he hired a TPA manager – who did nothing but keep track of all the rules and regs for each TPA and then “stroked” those TPA’s to keep the jobs coming.

I think he now regrets not simply hiring and training a marketing rep (for less money that the TPA manager) and generate his own leads and jobs – at a much higher profit. (And he’s struggling to stay in business). This is always the concern when you get “hooked” on TPA’s. It’s fairly easy to get on their programs, and tough to go cold turkey to get off TPA programs.

Another client I work with did go cold turkey, and it was scary for him and really hurt him financially for many months. The old Nancy Reagan mantra… “Just Say NO” in my opinion is much smarter than getting hooked in the first place.

The best way is to hire a really good marketer and coach them to be an ultra-high performer. In less than one year, one of the marketers that I coach, is on target to hit $1 million in personally generated disaster work (as of 12/20).

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