Should I Hire A Restoration Sales Coach?

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Hiring a restoration sales coach should be because you want your salesperson or sales team to grow, stretch, reach new heights, and be more productive. But not every team is ready for or welcomes a sales coach. If your team is against it, there really is no point in spending the money! To hire a restoration coach means having the entire team on board with full buy-in.

I have listed below several questions that need to be asked of your team, and appropriately answered. First, it’s important to answer these questions about you and your company – truthfully:

  • Does the sales team “wing it” when trying to sell?
  • Are you struggling to come up with new “brainstorm” ideas and strategies?
  • Do you as an owner/manager have the TIME to hold sales staff accountable?
  • Are you unsure what reasonable goals should be?
  • Is what’s been done in the past not working today?
  • Does the sales staff have self-limiting beliefs or hesitancy?
  • Do you or your sales staff want to make more money?
  • Want to expand your sales strategies, but unsure how?

I was recently hired to provide sales coaching to a new recruit in a firm’s sales department.  So here is FULL DISCLOSURE… I am a sales and marketing coach, so I’m going to answer the question based on the kinds of reasons many owners ask me about. There are many reasons to hire a coach, but these listed above are the top 8 reasons that owners have called me.

Numerous prospects have come to me, asking me if it’s appropriate for the salesperson to simply “wing it” on their calls and visits. If your sales team is winging it, then you are only getting a small portion of the value and productivity available.

When your executive team and/or sales team just cannot come up with new ideas or strategies, it might be time to hire a sales coach – just to help with deeper thinking.

I’m often told by an owner or manager “I just don’t have the time to hold him/her accountable.” When you are wearing so many different hats, good salespeople can flounder, and bad salespeople can easily take advantage of the lax enforcement.

Every business, and every sales department MUST have written goals, as well as identify who the most ideal prospects are, so there is the right focus.

One of the complaints I hear weekly, is it seems like what we’ve always done in the past (and were successful), just isn’t working anymore! The fact is: the buying public regardless of B2C or B2B, we have a new buyer attitude and new preferences for doing business. And, when you throw Covid-19 into the mix, it won’t be business as usual anymore!

Many times, the salesman has self-limiting hang-ups or beliefs that need to be overcome. Usually, the owner or manager is not well suited to handle these types of coaching skills. Plus, when the salesperson WANTS to make a lot more money, the strategies, and skills for this are simply beyond the business owner.

Don’t forget the customer service staff – who are in constant contact with your customers and often don’t know the proper way to deal with or help a client. Your sales/estimators or project managers that go out to sign up jobs are rarely trained on the best approach or ways to quickly gain credibility and trust.

If the closing ratio of jobs referred to you (by agents or plumbers) is low and the project manager/salesman is struggling, chances are really good they simply don’t know the appropriate way to do business. Hiring a Sales Coach can pay huge dividends and give you a dramatically positive ROI. To know more, Click Here.

When you can answer the above questions and then your sales team resists a sales coach… Do Not Hire One!

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By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC

Nationally recognized coach, consultant, and trainer.

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