Our Company Doesn’t Need Goals

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Setting realistic business goals takes a lot of work. It takes deep thought, evaluation of past numbers, and understanding of what’s possible. Not only that, but goals are rarely accomplished unless they are written down. Putting your goals in writing. This will include the strategy, and the process will take serious consideration and effort.


The title of this article is “our company doesn’t need goals,” and by putting it out there in writing, it probably seems quite sarcastic and blatantly disrespectful.  The good news? It got your attention. When your company, and even your marketing staff have no written goals, plans, strategies, they are like a rowboat loose in the ocean. They probably will be swamped, thrown overboard, and maybe even drown.


By putting goals in writing, it makes them more tangible and understood. All too many times, owners and managers fail to sit down with their key staff and spell out where they want to go, and especially what they plan to achieve in their business. Most managers and owners drop the ball and operate from the attitude… “we’re doing OK, so let’s not rock the boat.”

Failing to have written goals and the strategy to achieve them is like waking up on a Saturday morning to begin a week vacation without any idea where you are going. Can you imagine not knowing if you should go north, or south, or right or left? What a chaotic, disappointing trip that could be!


Rarely do restoration or roofing companies create written goals for every division of their company. Here is a list of areas in your company that should have their own written goals:

  • Office/Administration
  • Production Department
  • Shop/Warehouse
  • Documentation
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Social Media

This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a way to trigger ideas for you.  When I state “our company doesn’t need goals” it is clearly obvious (hopefully) to everyone that I’m being extremely facetious in the hopes you will seriously put solid effort into working with your staff and your business coach to develop goals and strategies to accomplish those goals.

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