No Need For An Outside Consultant Or Advisor

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If you are saying “I’m an entrepreneur, I really don’t need outside “experts” telling me what I should or should not do! I started this business on my own and have been successful with many of the day-to-day responsibilities. I went out and called on insurance agents myself. I got the jobs and then figured out how to do them. I can repair the equipment. Why should I even think about bringing in people to help me now?” These kinds of comments tell us that you are destined to be a small player, working extremely hard each day just to get by!


Bottom line, if you want to stay at the size you are now and you just want to stay “on the truck” then you really DON’T need an outside coach or consultant. It is true that there are some people that just want a simple life on the truck. Sadly, that all falls apart when they are suddenly unable to do the work, (health, injury, or family situation). However, if you are getting tired, or want to take your business to the next level, then it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to do that by yourself.


Working all day on the truck, and then working all evening on paperwork means you are so close to the fire that you can’t see that you may be getting burned. When owners work in their business, they rarely can the motivation (or even the foresight) to step out of the technician role and move into a management position. Essentially, you become boxed in and can’t extricate yourself from the daily grind. You feel you have to keep the truck moving so you can pay the car payment or rent.


Engaging an outside consultant may provide you with a huge number of benefits. No longer do you have to “dream it up” on your own. A consultant can free you up so you can start thinking outside that box you are in.  Here is a short list of advantages to working with a coach or advisor:

  • Expertise that you may not have
  • An objective and impartial opinion
  • Experience because they work with many clients
  • New perspectives on tough projects
  • Mentoring and training on many topics
  • Fresh set of eyes – (they see the forest – you only see the tree)
  • They can spot problems you didn’t even know existed
  • They can be a catalyst for much needed change
  • The right coach can bring “new life” to a humdrum operation
  • True financial analysis you simply don’t understand
  • Monitor and guide strategic efforts (sales, marketing, production, financial)

A skilled and dedicated advisor will review and analyze every aspect of your business, asking many questions, and from previous experience, make powerful recommendations. Those ideas and suggestions should come from the history the advisor has, having worked with many other clients. A good advisor “has seen things” – like that insurance commercial. They can spot glaring problems, (or even upcoming issues) before they happen.

If you still think you have no need for an outside consultant or advisor, then your fate is to continue to work as an employee in your own business until you can’t work anymore! We wish you good luck.

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By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC                         

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