The CREST Network offers three levels of Membership – we promise that one of them is just perfect for your company! You will get protected territories with every membership level.

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The CREST PRIME Member will receive all the tools to make your current business more successful.  Our coaches and experts have created a one-stop resource for you to use to improve your business- TODAY! From weekly coaching webinars to hundreds of articles, forms and blogs, every aspect of your restoration business, both residential and commercial, is covered.  In addition, there are scores of videos that delve deep into the marketing, operations and financial aspects of your company.  Access to the 12-volume Commercial Restoration Program is also included, giving you the chance to explore this lucrative piece of your business at your leisure.

As a CREST PRIME Member, you will also receive access to the CREST stable of experts for Personal Coaching*.  Need help with marketing?  CREST is there, no matter what the issue.  Want to train your field staff?  One call to CREST gets it done.  Having issues with collections or finance?  Problem solved. 

Finally, CREST PRIME Members can access remote project support* for ANY type of loss directly from CREST.  Our experts will walk you through the steps necessary to make that project a success- and profitable!

* Access to experts available at an additional fee



As a CREST PRIME+ Member, you are opening your company up to new and exciting opportunities!  This level of Membership is designed for those restoration professionals looking for more- more opportunities, more business and more profit!  Your Membership includes all the benefits of the CREST PRIME Member, PLUS the following additional resources that only you can access:

-Access to ON-SITE project support for any type of loss, residential or commercial*

-Membership into the Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians (SCRT), a widely respected national trade organization

-An annual “Health Check” of your company, providing you with a detailed analysis of the current state of your firm

-Monthly Credit for Personal Coaching

The most important “PLUS” that your Membership gives you is access to the PREP PRIME program!  This unique offering brings the world of commercial restoration marketing to your front step.  This is a nationally known program that will develop an entirely new revenue and profit stream for your business!  And it’s yours FREE as a CREST PRIME+ Member!          * Access to experts available at an additional fee



The CREST ELITE Membership is designed for those restorers that want personal coaching as the cornerstone of their growth and company development.  Each CREST ELITE Member gets direct access to our experts, Dick and Bill- EVERY WEEK!  You will receive Personal Coaching on the marketing, production and administrative divisions of your company, and our experts will be with you every step of the way as you grow and prosper!  This Membership is perfect for anyone looking for support, no matter what type of restoration business you want to pursue.

Should you desire the opportunity to include commercial restoration in your business, then the CREST ELITE Membership is for you.  CREST ELITE Members receive access to the PREP ELITE Program.  This nationally recognized, trend-setting vision of Dick Wagner has become the Gold Standard for building a Commercial Restoration business.  You will receive training and coaching from Dick himself, and he will help manage your marketing staff and ensure long-term success.

Access to the Maven Article Library and the complete PREP manual are included.

In addition, you will receive all the benefits included in the CREST PRIME+ Membership, along with the opportunity to attend EVERY CREST EVENT at no additional fee!

All potential CREST members will be asked to complete an application. The information gathered by that application will assist the CREST staff in guiding the applicant to the membership level best suited for their immediate and future needs. Not every applicant will qualify for a membership in the CREST Network.

** Requires a 2 year commitment