Marketers Are Ruining Relationships

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Every restoration business owner hopes their marketers will say the right things, do the right things, and build strong relationships with clients. Sadly, in my experience, only about 10% of the marketers I’ve met (or initially worked with), actually know HOW to build good relationships with prospects and clients. That’s a horrible percentage of failing marketers, and most business owners cannot afford the waste and failure.  

Failure # 1
  • Visiting and insurance agent or plumber and saying, “have you ever heard of us?”
  • Calling on a commercial prospect with nothing “tangible” to offer them.
  • Calling on a prospect without knowing their pains, headaches, or lingo.
  • Being a “donut dropper” and providing no value or substance.

Every marketer must do their homework on each client and each industry that they target. If they don’t know how to speak the plumber’s language, they won’t be credible. If the only “value” they take to the plumber is a box of snacks, they won’t build the kind of relationship that survives the long-term.

Failure #2
  • Vague comments about the weather or other generic issue to avoid the ASK.
  • Even worse, discussing politics or religion. It’s a hot potato and the relationship will suffer.
  • Failing to ASK for the next step (or job, or appointment).
  • No valid reason for the visit – “just stopping by to say hi” is a total waste.

More than 95% of sales and marketing people FAIL to ASK for what they want. No ask – no sale.  Asking for a job, or a referral, or whatever you want is crucial to getting what you want! Further, every visit every time should have a specific reason for that visit. A compelling business motive (CBM) must always be the primary focus. “In the neighborhood” is lame, and usually a lie.  Being “busy” is not always productive.

Failure #3
  • Trying to “make friends” is a lost cause.
  • No strategy – no planned daily schedule – no urgency.
  • Trying to “pitch” your services.
  • Using “fake” enthusiasm, which the client can see right thru.

Your clients don’t come to work to make friends. That’s not even a low priority for them! Unfortunately, most marketers arrive to work on Monday morning with no plan, no strategy, and no goals. They use the shotgun approach of pitching to anyone that will listen. And scarier than those reasons, is the marketer that put’s on the false or fake smile, trying to portray a cheery and enthusiastic energy. If it’s fake, clients will know it.

Failure # 4
  • Lack a legitimate “leave-behind” brochure, flyer, or literature.
  • Don’t understand that your literature is “all about you.”
  • They don’t care about you!
  • Not delivering Maven Articles and “client-centric” value.

News Flash… no one cares about or wants your company brochure of literature. Your company materials are just a colorful ego and bragging statement. Leaving generic brochures that look like every other competitor flyer serves zero purpose.

You don’t like it when they do it to you, don’t do it to them. It’s also important to write and post valuable weekly or at least bi-weekly blogs to your website. That’s the absolute best way to generate credibility and be seen as a thought leader.

Failure # 5
  • Being aggressive or obnoxious, or pushy
  • Using their name many times in a short conversation
  • Using the “just want to catch up” or “just wanted to say hi”
  • Not getting good contact info from each prospect
  • Not actively using key social media accounts

I’ve thought many times over the past several years that it’s not necessary to talk about obnoxious or aggressive sales tactics. I was wrong. Many of the marketers I coach, and many more that I know, still think it’s OK to be in your face pushy with clients. People, that went the way of the buggy whip in the early 2000’s.

You can’t “build a friendship” by saying their name over and over in a short conversation and stop lying about “just wanting to stop in and say Hi.” Nobody believes that anyway. If you visit a prospects’ office, part of making your visit productive is to get good contact data from all parties – (business cards). And, lest you think you are either too busy, or to ‘good’ to participate in social media, you have chosen to ignore the fastest growing – most viewed segment of client interactions that there is.

You MUST be on LinkedIn with a complete profile. You should be active on Facebook, Twitter, and even Parler.  Each of these enable your prospects and clients to see you, hear you, communicate with you, and be constantly aware of you (top of mind).

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