Can I Get Personalized Coaching?

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I’m always excited when one of our CREST members asks this question, because it means they have seen the value of the CREST Prime or Prime Plus membership and want to step up the one-on-one coaching.

The question, “can I get personalized coaching” is most often asked my companies that have experienced significant grow, or… they have been in a slump and believe they need someone to help them up their game.

Personalized coach can be very specific, and all too often the coach chosen is a “one-size-fits-all” business coach that tries or claims to be specialist or guru for everything business, but in reality they aren’t even close to being credible.

There are some good coaches in the world depending on your specific need. In the disaster restoration industry, there are coaches for:

  • Sales  
  • Marketing  
  • Financial  
  • Production
  • Administration
  • Invoicing
  • Commercial
  • Large Loss

Personalized coaching should never be a cookie-cutter type of guidance since that means the “coach” is forcing you and your business to conform to and modify to the coaches’ business preferences.

At CREST™ we realized in the planning stages of The CREST Network, that we wanted to provide coaching for the three (3) critical areas that contractors usually need the most:

  1. Sales/Marketing
  2. Financial/Administration/Invoicing
  3. Production/Large Loss

For this reason, CREST was formed incorporating highly skilled coaches in all three disciplines.

Dick Wagner – Sales & Marketing

Bill Giannone – Financial/Administration/Invoicing

Scott Tarpley – Production/Large Loss

When someone asks us today… “can I get personalized coaching” it’s any easy answer since CREST has assembled highly skilled, extremely experienced, and in-the -trenches support staff to enable us to provide the very coaching skills you want and need.

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By Dick Wagner, Co-Founder The CREST Network, LLC Nationally recognized coach, consultant, and trainer.

Owner of blog