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Trying to figure out who the best restoration companies are in your area is a daunting task.  Everyone says they are the best, but who can you believe?  Think of the movie, “Elf,” when Buddy makes it to New York to meet his dad and he stumbles on the diner that touts, ”World’s Greatest Coffee.”  He blindly goes in and congratulates them for their ranking, unaware that every diner says the same thing.

When trying to find the best restoration companies in your area, you can make some preliminary decisions by going to the source- in this age, I mean Google.  If you Google “Restoration Companies” followed by your area, you will get a ton of responses.  Take a look at the reviews.  Many times, a quality company will be that company with a lot of five-star reviews.  Remember, the companies at the top may not be the best- they might just be the companies paying the most to get near the top of the page!

Another great way to find the best restoration companies would be to talk to your plumber.   Yes, your plumber is a great lead source for quality companies.  Think about it: plumbers get the call every time there is a broken pipe, water heater leak or running water line.  Most of the time, the damage caused by the water is severe enough to need the services of a restoration company.  Your plumber wants to make sure that you get taken care of in the best possible way, so he will only recommend restorers that will be the best for you.  Don’t forget, their reputation is on the line as well!

What are some things that you can look for when trying to make up your own mind?  Once you find a company, go to their website and social media pages.  You can decipher a lot from these sites, and your gut feeling can really come to the forefront.  Allow your “inner detective” to come out in this process. 

If a company is bragging about themselves (they all do!) but will not post pictures or testimonials, they may not be able to back up their bluster.  If you read about the history of a company, pay close attention to what they have done recently.  Many companies rest on their laurels from previous years and may only exist as a shell of their past.

Look for companies that share bio’s of their staff, especially the field staffs.  The best restoration companies will never try to hide their faces from the public.  See how much useful information they have on their site.  The best restoration companies will be helpful and share their knowledge, even with non-customers.  Finally, see if these companies have BBB complaints.  If they do (even the very best companies will have some), pay close attention to the responses the company provides.  Attacking the client is a sign of a bad company.  Calmly explaining the situation and seeking to resolve the issue is a sign of a better company.

After undertaking this process, you might be overwhelmed, thinking, “they all look like the best!”  If this is the case, don’t simply give up and throw a dart at the page.  Take a few extra moments to work through the info one more time.  There might be some things hiding in plain sight for you to use on your decision-making process.  One thing to consider is the type of company you are considering.  I know this sounds like a generality, but it does hold merit: you have a better chance of finding the best restoration companies by avoiding franchise operations.  Think about the fast-food hamburger marketplace.  Be honest and ask yourself if you get a better burger at your local pub or at McDonald’s.  Almost every time, the pub offers a superior product.  I’m not knocking McDonald’s – I appreciate consistency, speed and affordability.  But when I consider those, I know that I am giving up quality to get those other factors. 

Well, the same may apply to franchise restoration companies.  You are going to get more consistency no matter where you live in the country, and you will get quality service (most times).  What you may not get, however, would be that superior experience you are looking for.  Their franchise system is designed for volume and speed, (think the fast food chains) not necessarily for personal care and attention.  They get a lot of business directly from insurance companies and large property managers. 

Your local independent restoration owner, on the other hand, works every day trying to earn your business.  He is invested in working for you, the owner, NOT the insurance company.  He wants – and NEEDS – your complete satisfaction and all his systems are geared for that outcome. 

Everyone says they are the best.  When it comes down to it, you can find out a lot of information that you can use to separate the players from the fakers.

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By: Bill Giannone, Co-Founder   The CREST Network, LLC.

Nationally recognized coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker

25-year Wall Street veteran and business consultant