Benefits Of Hiring A Consultant

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I’m going to address the idea of the “Benefits of hiring a consultant” from the perspective of a contractor thinking about a consultant for their Sales & Marketing department.

BEFORE we discuss the benefits of hiring a consultant, here are five reasons you should consider hiring a sales consultant.  First, if the industry and/or marketplace has changed in the past few years, it’s time! Second, if you are losing market share and many jobs, it’s time. Third, the sales staff is a revolving door with excessive turnover, it’s time. Fourth, you don’t have a clear-cut, defined, and perfected sales process, it’s time. And last (#5) Your goals are either set wrong or you are miserably missing the target with forecasting, Yes, it’s time!

Now that we’ve established IF you need a consultant, let’s do some fact-finding about possible consultants. Be completely clear about your reasons for wanting to hire a consultant. To choose someone who is right for your company, know what you want to achieve.

Be sure to ask potential consultants about their experience, qualifications, and skills during the interview process.  You’ll want to hire a consultant based on the experience they possess, AND whether that experience (their sales philosophy) is current to today’s buying public – since the much of our buying world is dramatically different than it was just five (5) years ago.

 You will want to consider several factors when hiring a consultant:

  • It must be a consultant that has had great success
  • You will want to know what area of your business needs the most guidance
  • Your consultant should fully understand YOUR industry
  • You and your company must be willing to embrace change

 Once you have decided to move in that direction, below are many of the benefits of hiring a consultant:

  • An immediate benefit is you get a fresh perspective
  • A consultant’s goal should always be to help the sales staff Leverage their skills
  • A consultant from your industry knows the nuances and unique situations
  • They must be closely in-tune with todays’ buyers, (around 2015, buyers changed!)
  • They will assist with best practices for good lead generation
  • Your consultant should be skilled at coaching sales staff to get more sales
  • Good consultants (with good sales staff) should generate 10 X their annual fees
  • Top consultants help remove stress from the sales staff
  • The right coach/consultant can motivate and encourage salespeople

A few additional benefits will be:

  • Accountability
  • Targeted Direction
  • Implementing an on-going training plan
  • A different perspective
  • Assisting with needed brainstorming
  • Accelerates ramp-up time for new staff
  • Improves sales

With the benefits of hiring a consultant listed above, it’s obvious that good consultants really support companies in many ways. Your consultant will investigate and help solve many of the challenging and difficult situations that arise (or already exist). This will provide you with breathing room and the better ability to work on your business, rather than constantly putting out fires.

The CREST Network is a coaching, consulting and training organization, and of course we are biased, so rather than us telling you “we’re the greatest,”  call us and talk to us, and let us provide you with references and proof!

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