Our Corporate Training Center is located at:

7055A Amwiler Industrial Dr, Atlanta GA 30385

Bill and I saw too many contractors spending their hard-earned money on Fake Guru’s and short-lived Motivational Speakers – getting little or no ROI. Even in the restoration industry, there are so many “pseudo-consultants” selling their pre-packaged, cookie-cutter advice that it’s embarrassing!

You’ve all experienced the hype, the rah-rah fist-pumping, motivational Speakers – where the thrill and excitement fizzles after a few days. And, yes, even “Consultants” that are still peddling 1980’s or 90’s strategies – especially sales and marketing schemes. They haven’t stayed with the world of today!

CREST (Bill & I) believe every contractor should be able to get a minimum ten-fold ROI. Business strategies for 2020 must be for NOW and this coming decade. That’s why our coaching is customized for your company, people, culture, and market. You deserve this! CREST does this.

Dick Wagner, Co-Founder – Marketing

Dick Wagner has served the Disaster Restoration industry for over 23 years, providing specialized coaching and consulting to clients nationally. Dick has carved out a niche in the commercial/residential marketing world that is unmatched.

Bill Giannone, Co-Founder – Administration

Bill Giannone brings a world of knowledge and experience to the CREST Network, where all his talents and expertise are yours for the taking. Bill spent twenty-five years on Wall Street, where his great talent with numbers and instant analysis made him one of the market’s most successful traders.

Scott Tarpley – Production

Scott Tarpley is nationally recognized as one of the greatest minds in Commercial Restoration, and is proud to be a part of the CREST team. He has provided support and knowledge to hundreds of restorers over the past 25 years on projects ranging from a few thousand dollars up into the hundreds of millions! In addition, Scott has toured the country educating restorers on all aspects of a Commercial loss through his unique blend of story-telling, experience and common sense.